Data Request Application

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) is happy to consider requests for relevant data relating to population health and/or health workforce in our region.

Please note:

  • Provision of data is subject to availability and data sharing requirements
  • WVPHN does not guarantee all data requests can or will be met
  • Requests for data relating to research or evaluation should be made via our Research Opportunities Request form.

Submit your data request

Please complete the following questions. Your responses will allow WVPHN data custodians to best meet your request.

Please be advised that if the data or specific dates you are requesting are not available, a WVPHN data custodian will contact you to discuss alternatives prior to proceeding.

Please ensure you have viewed the following Western Victoria PHN data releases and cannot obtain your required data from within these before completing the form below:

  • Request title*

    A brief title of your request
  • Subject area*

  • Years*

    Years of data you are requesting, e.g. 2018; 2017-19; 2017 to 2019

    Please be advised that if the dates you are requesting are not available, a WVPHN data custodian will contact you to advise as to the most current dates available prior to proceeding.

  • Describe your request*

    Please briefly describe the information you would like, or the questions you are looking to answer. This will help us identify the best data to meet your needs
  • Specific information / data needs

    Describe you specific information/data needs e.g.

    - data variables/questions of interest
    - Modification to tables in existing reports
    - empty table shells (empty shells to show how the data is to be set out)

    If you wish to attach a document with details of your information/data needs - for example, empty table shells - please provide a description of the attachment here

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • What is your preferred format to receive the data?

    Please indicate if you have a preference to receive data in one of these formats. We will attempt to meet these requirements, although please note that it may not be possible in all cases.
  • Will the data be publicly released*

    If yes please provide release details below. Please note that WVPHN must be given a copy of analysis using the requested data prior to its publication.
  • Release details

    Please describe how the data will be released (For example, the format, publication type, intended audience, etc.)
  • Please note any deadlines to be considered

    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Information about the deadline

    (For example, the intended analysis date, release or publication date.)
  • Contact details

    Please provide contact details for this request. A Western Victoria PHN data custodian will contact you to organise a secure file transfer and may contact you with questions regarding your data request..
  • Contact Name

    Name of person to contact if there are questions about the request. WVPHN data custodian will contact this person to arrange for secure file transfer.
  • Contact Organisation

    Name of the organisation requesting the information.
  • Contact email

    Email of the contact person.
  • Contact phone number

    Phone number of the contact person in case there are questions.
Last modified: 15 December, 2020