Research Opportunity Requests

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) welcomes opportunities to collaborate on research projects relevant to primary health care in the western Victoria region and consistent with our priorities.

Types of collaborations

Research collaborations usually involve universities or other recognised research bodies and include:

  • Requests to promote survey-based studies to GPs and other primary health care providers in our region
  • Applications for grants or other funding
  • Requests for de-identified and aggregated population health data held by WVPHN
  • Requests for Letters of Support

WVPHN reviews research applications monthly. If you require a quicker turnaround, please indicate this in your application.

For more information, read the WVPHN Research Policy. Please note, this document will automatically download when you click the link.

Submit your research opportunity request

This form should be used by applicants wishing to have their research activities reviewed for research support by WVPHN. This form and attached documents will suffice a submission to the Research Committee.

The Research Committee meets six times a year in July, September, November, January, March and May. Research Opportunity Application Form submissions are due by the sixth working day of each meeting month

If you require a response to your Research Opportunity Application Form submission sooner than this please enter the date in the ‘Response requested by date’ field and it may be reviewed by the Research Committee out-of-session, at the discretion of the Senior Manager Health Intelligence.

WVPHN will endeavour to notify you of the outcome of the review within three business days of the Research Committee meeting. This may include a request for more information and will come via the email as provided by you.

Furthermore, WVPHN looks for opportunities to co-author on papers where appropriate and expect to be acknowledged where assistance has been provided. All publications should be sent to WVPHN in draft form before submission, although WVPHN review will only be mandatory in the case of co-authorship.

Please note: any information provided below may be published by WVPHN in our newsletters, social media or on our website. This excludes personal contact details (emails, phone numbers and addresses), unless otherwise specified by the proposer.

Last modified: 9 August, 2022