Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) has established a dedicated regional Clinical Council and Community Council in each of the four regions, including Ballarat and Goldfields, Wimmera and Grampians, Geelong Otway and Great South Coast, who all have a key role in service planning and evaluation. 

Purpose of the Clinical Councils

  • To report on clinical issues to influence Western Victoria PHN Board decisions on the unique needs of their respective communities, including in rural and remote areas.
  • To assist the PHN to develop local strategies to improve the operation of the health care system in the PHN.

Purpose of the Community Councils

  • Provide a community perspective to Western Victoria PHN Board to ensure that decisions, investments, and innovations are patient centred, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations.
  • Provide strategic advice and make recommendations from a community and consumer perspective to support Western Victoria PHN to plan and deliver health services that enable the delivery of quality care.
  • Reinforce the ongoing need from a consumer perspective of the need for joined up planning and service systems.

Composition of Clinical and Community Councils

Community Council Clinical Council
3 individual health consumers 3 GPs (including a GP Chair)
3 organisational representatives 3 people comprising allied health, a medical specialist and local hospital representative
A minimum of 1 person who identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander A minimum of 1 person who identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
2 - 3 community members with skills aligned with identified regional needs, such as rural health 2 - 3 people with skills aligned with identified regional needs, such as rural health


Diane Sartori P:5331 6303 - Ballarat Goldfields Clinical and Community Council 

Janice Lane P: 5222 0800 - Geelong Otway Clinical and Community Council 

Aneill Kamath P: 5564 5888 - Great South Coast Clinical and Community Council 

Laura Martin P: 5381 1756 - Wimmera Grampians Clinical and Community Council