CEO Primary Matters – 24 February 2022

Wound Management Training Pilot Project

Detailed examination of the health needs of the communities of western Victoria by Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) has identified high prevalence of chronic conditions and associated chronic wounds in the Wimmera Grampians region and limited access to local wound management care.

In response, WVPHN has established the Wound Management Training Pilot Project to build the capacity and skills of the local primary care workforce and improve wound management patient outcomes across the Wimmera Grampians region.

The pilot project commenced this week with four general practices in St Arnaud, Horsham and Nhill hosting renowned wound care expert Professor Geoffrey Sussman for a training session. Professor Sussman, an advisor to the Commonwealth on wound care, shared his expertise to build practitioner capacity in wound care and help practices to identify at risk patient cohorts for early detection, intervention and education.

I had the pleasure of attending one of the training sessions with Professor Sussman this week at St Arnaud Medical Centre, the first nurse-led wound management clinic in the Wimmera Grampians.

I am delighted to see this pilot project come to fruition. The ability to access specialised wound care through general practice or nurse-led wound management clinics is a significant step forward in supporting sustainable improvements to wound management services for the Wimmera Grampians community.

Read more about the Wound Management Training Pilot Project here.

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

As part of our commitment to restoring health equity for First Nations People living in western Victoria, WVPHN has developed a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which is now available to view on our Reconciliation Action Plan webpage.

This RAP has been developed in consultation with and by Elders and Respected Persons from across western Victoria.

The Reflect RAP is the beginning of a complex journey for WVPHN, one which we take in the spirit of openness and with a commitment to self-determination as the way forward in supporting person-centered, culturally safe primary health care for First Nations people.

WVPHN’s Reflect RAP will provide future direction for our organisation, priming WVPHN for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives. The outlined approaches lay important foundations that will enable us to deepen our understanding of our influence and to use this position to advocate for a nurture meaningful progress in our region’s broader primary health care system.

Teal Ribbon Day

Yesterday, 23 February, was Teal Ribbon Day, a day to support those impacted by ovarian cancer, honour those we have lost and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Australia’s deadliest female cancer.

For health professionals wishing to take part in acknowledging this day and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this February, Ovarian Cancer Australia has a range of resources and information on their website.

Rowena Clift

Chief Executive Officer

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