COVID-19 Vaccinations – Extension of the Vulnerable Populations Funding

The Commonwealth Government has announced an extension of the vulnerable populations funding with a focus of ensuring non-Medicare card holders continue to have access to COVID-19 vaccinations. In response, Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) is offering a reimbursement of vaccinations provided to non-Medicare card holders at the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) rate until December 31, 2022.

The extension allows WVPHN to commission primary care vaccination providers to support and coordinate activities in our region that deliver vaccinations to vulnerable populations. These are supplementary to existing activities and arrangements (such as state and territory focussed approaches and other vaccination pathways and sites), and don’t replace or duplicate them.

The Government has extended the MBS equivalent reimbursement payment for general practices where patients are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, and do not hold a current Medicare card. WVPHN will provide a reimbursement to clinics directly to the equivalent of MBS payments.

Paying an equivalent MBS reimbursement for vaccination of a person without a Medicare card, is limited to:

  • vaccine suitability assessment items
  • in-depth patient assessment item/s and
  • flag fall for vaccination services conducted at an individual’s residence.

The MBS reimbursement should match exactly the equivalent rate that would be paid to either a GP or OMP based on the time, location and dose provided.

All client details must be entered into the Australian Immunisation Register, regardless of Medicare eligibility. For further advice, including for individuals with an expired or cancelled visa, see Advice for Vaccine Providers.

COVID-19 vaccinations provided to non-Medicare card holders can be invoiced to the WVPHN simply by forwarding invoices to, stating clearly that the service provided was to a non-Medicare card holder.

For further information about this program, please email

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