Help us support the future of workforce and digital health in Western Victoria

General practice and service providers are invited to share their ideas and experiences of the primary care workforce at one of a series of upcoming workshops.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) wants to hear from primary health care professionals as the first step in developing WVPHN’s Workforce Strategy to support the future of the workforce in our region.

Recent workforce reports from WVPHN commissioned programs and general practices highlight the challenges faced by primary care providers in rural areas, primarily concerning workforce recruitment and retention.

The upcoming workshops will form the initial stage of a co-design process to help WVPHN build a comprehensive understanding of workforce challenges and work together with service providers to determine solutions that will support the current workforce and attract the future workforce to primary care in western Victoria.

The workshops will also help to guide WVPHN’s Digital Health and Engagement Strategy, focused on identifying the current and future needs of digital health and digital literacy in western Victoria and how WVPHN can support these transitions.

Upcoming workshops will be held between 29 March and 8 April 2022.

Face-to-face workshops will take place in the following locations.

Online workshops will take place via Microsoft Teams on:

If you were unable to take part in the workshops,  feedback and ideas can be contributed via our Meeting Place engagement site.

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