Gforce and headspace Geelong have recently partnered to improve access to health services for young people.

Jason Trethowan, Barwon Medicare Local’s chief said it is no secret that our community has been grappling with increasing drug use with a particular focus on methamphetamine use amongst younger males. In Geelong, there have been a number of community led summits and forums focusing on methamphetamine use, with reports that its availability, high quality and low price has led to a surge in its use, particularly amongst younger males in the Geelong region.

In response to health service gaps identified within rural communities, Barwon Medicare Local in partnership with Colac Area Health has developed a diabetes care program, providing access to allied health services in rural areas via GP referral.

Jason Trethowan, Barwon Medicare Local’s chief said that the program uses a combination of face to face patient consultations and telehealth technology, utilising a team of allied health providers, including a diabetes educator, podiatrist and dietitian.