National Health Consumer Experience of Service Survey

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) is seeking feedback from people who use our commissioned mental health support services as part of a national Your Experience of Service (YES) Survey to capture important information on the performance and outcomes of health service.

The Federal Government has asked Primary Health Networks (PHNs) around Australia to survey clients of mental health service providers we fund to gather information on their experience of care and to identify where improvements can be made.

We encourage anyone in our community who is invited to respond to take the time to complete and submit the survey with the data to be collected at a national level by the Federal Department of Health.  The feedback will then be forwarded to the service providers.

The survey is part of a process to help PHNs, their commissioned service providers and clients work together to build better services.

The YES survey consists of 26 questions, structured around four content categories: experience, outcomes, open ended and demographics and across the following domains:

  • Making a difference: how the service contributed to outcomes for individuals.
  • Providing information and support: how the service works for the individual.
  • Valuing individuality: how the service meets individual’s needs.
  • Supporting active participation: how the service provides opportunities for engagement, choice and involvement in the process of service delivery.
  • Showing respect: how the service provides the individual with a welcoming environment where they are recognised, valued and treated with dignity.
  • Ensuring safety and fairness: how the service provide individuals with a physically and emotionally safe environment.

Our commissioned service providers will be responsible for seeking consent from their clients to receive the survey and follow up if clients have any questions.  Clients who consent to participate will then be sent a link to the survey by WVPHN.

Any service providers wishing to know more about the survey, please contact the WVPHN Mental Health Team via email:

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