New Mental Health Support Available to People Falling Through the Cracks

A new mental health program to support people and families who aren’t part of the NDIS or public mental health services has been launched.

The ‘Well Connected’ program will provide essential community mental health supports to people across Western Victoria with funding from the Western Victorian Primary Health Network and the Commonwealth Government. Services will be delivered by Wellways across the Geelong-Otways and Great South Coast region, assisting some of the hardest to reach people in our community.

“This will reach a large number of people and families in our community who fall through the cracks,” Wellways CEO Elizabeth Crowther said. “Well Connected is specially designed to assist people who may struggle to engage with traditional services or who need essential mental health education and community support. We will be able to support people in flexible, innovative ways according to their needs.”

“While the NDIS provides comprehensive and individualized support for people with severe and disabling mental illness, there is a group of people with severe mental illness for whom the NDIS was not designed,” Dr Leanne Beagley, CEO Western Victoria Primary Health Network said.

“We are delighted to help launch the ‘Well Connected’ service for people across Geelong Otway and Great South Coast regions. This service will provide specialized but less intense psychosocial support linked to an individual’s goals and needs”, said Leanne.

Well Connected is a psychosocial support program for those aged 16-64 who experience mental illness or mental health concerns. The program will provide a range of community-based mental health supports including outreach, peer support, and group based programs for people living with mental illness in the community and families.

Wellways and the Western Victoria Primary Health Network officially launched Well Connected which will be delivered by Wellways across the Geelong-Otways and Great South Coast with funding from Western Victoria PHN.

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