Respiratory Clinic Opens in Horsham

Media Release

The Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) is pleased to support the opening of a GP-led respiratory clinic in Horsham as part of the Australian Government’s $2.4 billion health package in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A new GP-led Respiratory Clinic has been set up in Horsham to test suspected COVID-19 cases in the Wimmera Grampians region.

Lister House Medical Clinic Operations Manager Amanda Wilson said: “It was a natural progression for us to step forward as the biggest medical clinic in our area and assist with the COVID-19 crisis and help our community in whatever way we could.”

Lister House Medical Clinic is providing health checks with a focus on respiratory-related symptoms. This means that anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms can attend the clinic to be assessed, tested for COVID-19 and be medically treated and advised as appropriate. The clinic is operating from 3pm to 5pm weekdays in a separate building to the regular GP clinic.

Western Victoria PHN Acting CEO Tony Ficca said: “We are very pleased that Lister House Medical Clinic has set up this respiratory clinic and commenced operations. The acute hospitals have a role in managing very unwell patients, but the primary care sector can take the lead in testing and monitoring mild-to-moderate cases that do not require inpatient care.”

These GP-led Respiratory Clinics are part of the Australian Government’s $2.4 billion National Health Plan and are a crucial part of the mix of health care services used to respond to COVID-19.

The federal Member for Mallee, Dr Anne Webster, said: “This is a welcome investment in the Horsham community and the wider Wimmera Grampians region, and is another example of the Morrison Government’s practical, on-the-ground support to improve social and health outcomes for people living in the Mallee.”

Lister House Medical Clinic has been operating in Horsham since 1946 and is one of the original GP Super Clinics in Victoria. Its status as the biggest clinic in the Wimmera Grampians area meant it was the best candidate to operate a respiratory clinic next door to its current building.

Ms Wilson said that anyone with respiratory symptoms can make an appointment with Lister House or be referred to the clinic by their family doctor.

“The main thing to remember is to refrain from going out into the community unless essential. We also ask individuals with respiratory symptoms not to enter our main GP clinic building so that other patients in need of regular services and ongoing care, such as for pregnancy and mental health, aren’t potentially exposed to the virus,” said Ms Wilson.

“Assistance from a distance is key – we will still give you assistance, but from a distance.”

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