‘Stay at Home this Easter’ Urge Coastal and Inland Health Care Professionals

The message for this Easter break is ‘Stay Home’ to protect health care services with limited resources in smaller coastal and inland communities.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network CEO, Dr Leanne Beagley, says the pressure on medical services in small towns and communities is substantial and an influx would be greatly detrimental.

“Ideally people will remain close to home and will not travel unnecessarily this Easter long weekend,” said Dr Beagley.

“Small communities whether on the coast or inland generally have limited medical resources in the quietest of times, and during the COVID-19 pandemic these GPs and other health services are experiencing greater workloads above-and-beyond what they are normally equipped to deal with.”

A visitor influx could push confirmed cases in western Victoria to over 100, as the Colac-Otway, Glenelg, Pyrenees and Queenscliffe regions are the only four remaining local government areas of the 21 within western Victoria that are yet to have any confirmed cases.

“We urge people to put the wellbeing of front line health care workers before their own needs for a holiday by staying home,” said Dr Beagley.

“Follow the government recommendations, social distancing laws and isolate at home as directed.”

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