The Giant Knitted Bowel Virtual Tour: A Behind-the-Scenes Preview

And now for something completely different: the Giant Knitted Bowel Virtual Tour, coming soon to a website near you!

Above: Inside the Giant Knitted Bowel: complete with polyps, tumours and other symptoms of bowel cancer

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) has been facilitating the community-led Corio Norlane Bowel Screening Project in Geelong as part of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ three-year Community-led Cancer Screening Program (2018-2020). WVPHN had planned to host the Giant Knitted Bowel at Corio Library as an interactive learning tool until social distancing laws made the task impossible.

So, WVPHN decided to make the most of the current situation and produce a virtual tour of the woven woollen wonder to make the tour available for a wider audience.

A Giant Knitted…Bowel, you say?

Yes, that’s exactly what it is! The Giant Knitted Bowel is the work of some very dedicated, generous people who three years ago knitted and weaved 50kms (30kgs) of wool into this enlarged replica. Complete with polyps, tumours and haemorrhoids, it demonstrates what an unhealthy bowel looks like to educate the public on the dangers of bowel cancer and how to prevent it.

Last week, WVPHN crew were on hand to assist with the recording of this tour inside Warrnambool Stadium, all to deliver a very important message: know the symptoms of bowel cancer, use the home bowel screening kit and see your GP if you have any symptoms. With early detection, 90 per cent of cases of bowel cancer can be cured.

Filmed and produced by FitZ Media Productions, the virtual tour will become available online in coming weeks. The tour is hosted by one of the construction’s creators, Claire Norman (pictured above, centre), and local GP, Dr Brendan Kay (pictured above, right), who both very generously volunteered their time for this production.

Better care for your bowel

The project is in response to the Corio Norlane Bowel Screening Project rates sitting below the national average and emphasises WVPHN’s dedication to maintaining focus on our smaller communities – our grass roots. The project also promotes the use of the home bowel screening kit (especially by 50 to 74 year olds) which is sent to members of the community when they turn 50 as part of the Australian Government’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

WVPHN would like to thank Barwon South West Regional Integrated Cancer Service, South West Regional Cancer Centre, South West Healthcare and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ funding for making this project possible. Special thanks to FitZ Media Productions, Claire, Dr Kay and Warrnambool Stadium for bringing this production to life.

Stay Tuned…

The Giant Knitted Bowel Virtual Tour will become available in coming weeks on Western Victoria PHN’s website.

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