Updating Western Victoria’s Health Professionals Lists

Western Victoria PHN is in the process of updating the various health professionals lists to enable improved information sharing, industry collaboration and inter-provider referrals.

Letters outlining requirements are being delivered to general practitioners and specialists throughout the region inviting them to consent to include their details in the relevant lists as well as consent to other communications opportunities.

Health professionals in Ballarat Goldfields and Wimmera Grampians are asked to submit the completed form by 5 February 2020. Health professionals in Geelong Otway and Great South Coast need to submit their completed forms by 17 February.

Alternatively, health practitioners from across the region do not need to wait for the letter but can download the letter and submission form (PDF 90KB)  and scan and return to:

Upon completion of this consent process the Health Professional lists will be made available via our website in 2020 and through our new upcoming customer relationship management system.

The consent process is in line with national privacy laws, ensuring we only publish contact details of health providers once they have given written consent.

Any provider who does not respond or who informs us they do not wish to have their details published, will not be included in the published lists.

In the meantime, if you require information on available health professionals across western Victoria, please use our HealthPathways site (by clinical condition with local referral pathways) or access the National Health Services Directory.