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Western Victoria Primary Health Network is conducting an After Hours campaign to inform and educate residents and visitors to western Victoria on options for after-hours medical assistance. This campaign will encourage individuals to contact their general practitioner in the first instance, then the GP helpline/symptom checker and then the 000 in case of emergency.

Promotion of the After Hours ‘three option’ choices provides a quick reference for anyone who has a health concern and is unsure about what to do. Following options one or two may save you from waiting in the Emergency Room or having to drive long distances to your nearest hospital during the night, on weekends or public holidays (unless it is required).

If your local general practitioner is closed or unavailable, medical advice is available via the afterhours GP helpline. This service will provide you with trusted health advice and will notify your doctor of the outcome of your call, keeping them up to date with your results and ensuring they are able to follow up on your case and provide ongoing care.

Step 1
If you are unwell and need medical attention call your GP or Clinic. If they are closed or unavailable go to step 2.

Step 2
Call the GP helpline on 1800 022 222 for medical advice and support.

Step 3
If it is an emergency call 000.

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