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How do I register for an eHealth Record?

  • Online:
  • In person: Visit any Medicare office
  • Over the phone: 1800 723 471 eHealth Record System Operator
  • In writing: complete a registration form and post to GPO Box 9942 in your capital city

What is an eHealth Record?

A personally controlled eHealth record is a secure online summary of your health information.  You control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it.  Your eHealth record allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers you authorise, to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care.

How is it different to what I have now?

At the moment, individual health providers locally store their healthcare information about you – for example some at the doctor’s, the pharmacy, the physiotherapist’s, or the hospital.  An eHealth record won’t replace your existing health providers records, however, with your approval, an eHealth record will allow your important health information to be quickly and easily shared by the people looking after you.

Why should I get an eHealth record?

Having an eHealth record can make getting the right treatment faster, safer and easier.

  • PCEHR 1Faster, because doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals won’t have to spend time searching for your paperwork or past treatment information. 
  • Safer, because healthcare professionals can view your important healthcare information including any allergies, immunisations, medications and past treatment you may have received.
  • Easier, because you won’t have to remember the results of tests you’ve had, or all the medications you’ve been prescribed.

Who has access to my eHealth record?

Only you and the healthcare organisations providing your care can access and add to your record.  In addition to your selected doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care, you can share your health information with family members, carers, or other trusted people if you wish.  Your eHealth record has strong security and privacy safeguards.  Unlike traditional paper-based records, you can also see who’s accessed or updated your eHealth record.

In an emergency or life-threatening situation, where giving consent is not possible, a doctor may gain emergency access, for 5 days, to your eHealth record.

Who is connected in the Barwon region?

In the Barwon region 95% of General Practices, 75% of Pharmacies, Geelong Hospital and a few Allied Health and Specialists are connected.


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