Chronic Condition Service Codesign – Building Better Patient – Focused Service Models – 21 July – Rural Health Session

With the incidence of chronic conditions increasing, Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) wants to ensure the chronic conditions support services we commission are delivering the right outcomes for both patients and health providers.

WVPHN invites staff working in Rural Health Services to share their experience to ensure the chronic conditions support services WVPHN commission are delivering the right outcomes for both patients and health providers.

WVPHN has previously engaged health professionals and consumers with a lived experience to understand their experiences in providing care, navigating the health system, and accessing services. This was supported by a review of current literature and best practice policies. This work has provided an insight into how best to deliver patient focused chronic conditions support

You are now invited to contribute to the next steps of this work via an online co-design workshop looking at how the service models WVPHN commission are structured and the best means for delivering these services to ensure they reach the areas of greatest need in western Victoria.

The session will explore

  • Approaches to multi-disciplinary care via partnerships
  • The role of digital technologies in managing chronic conditions
  • How commissioned services can better meet the needs of those living in rural and remote areas

Links to the meeting invite and access to the online session will be sent upon registration

Health professionals who are impacted financially due to participating will be reimbursed for their time.

For further details about the sessions and to register please head to our website or emailĀ

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Last modified: 24 June, 2022