Pain Revolution – Information Session – 6 December

Pain Revolution Information Session – ‘Local Pain Collectives’ initiative for western Victoria

Western Victoria PHN and the Pain Revolution invite primary care clinicians in western Victoria to hear from Professor Lorimer Moseley and the Local Pain Collective educators about their plans to support you and your patients through education, resources, and networks.


  • Professor Lorimer Moseley AO, CEO Pain Revolution
  • Abbie Norrish (facilitator), Local Pain Collectives Coordinator, Pain Revolution, Physiotherapist
  • Tanushka Alva Local Pain Educator Program Coordinator, Pain Revolution, Physiotherapist

Please join us for this discussion where we will cover the following:

  • Persistent pain in our region
  • Why we need to have an educational focus with persisting pain issues
  • What is the Pain Revolution and its Mission
  • What is the Local Pain Collectives initiative
  • Introduction to the Local Pain Educators who will facilitate the Local Pain Collective in your area

By the end of the session attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the mission of the Pain Revolution regarding driving conceptual change towards better care for patients with persisting pain.
  • Understand Pain Revolution’s upcoming Local Pain Collectives support model.
  • Consider becoming involved in their Local Pain Collective to receive educational support of contemporary pain science, to enhance outcomes for their persisting pain patients.
  • Build knowledge about available resources, supports, and referral pathways

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Last modified: 18 November, 2021