Weekly Project ECHO COVID-19 teleECHO session

Project ECHO COVID-19 sessions are now available to help connect local health practitioners with relevant experts and improve the flow of information and knowledge to support wider efforts to better understand and combat the current pandemic.

Weekly teleECHO sessions are held on Thursday mornings from 7.30am – 8.30am and are delivered via live video conference. They are open to all primary care clinicians in the Western Victoria PHN catchment region.


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  • In order to support the growth of the ECHO movement, Project ECHO® collects participation data for each teleECHO™ program. This data allows Project ECHO to measure, analyse, and report on the movement’s reach. It is used in reports, on maps and visualisations, for research, for communications and surveys, for data quality assurance activities, and for decision-making related to new initiatives.
  • Please note: Project ECHO COVID-19 is now approved for RACGP or ACRRM accreditation for GPs. ACRRM Activity: 1 contact hour as of 9 April 2020. RACGP CPD Activity: 2 points as of 30 April 2020. To claim CPD points for each ECHO session please provide your ACRRM/RACGP number below.
  • If you have a question to ask the expert panel, please complete the field below. Please note: questions may be answered during any one of the upcoming ECHO sessions and not necessarily the next session.
Last modified: 4 August, 2020

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