SafeScript Training – Wednesday 18 March

The Victorian Government’s SafeScript (real-time prescription monitoring) program will become mandatory across Victoria from April 2020.

New training sessions, for GPs and pharmacists have been announced for 2020 with the first session for western Victoria on 18 March  in Geelong.

The program focuses on reducing misuse and growing harms from high-risk prescription medicines. This positive initiative tackles a major public health concern arising from the number of deaths resulting from prescription medicines.

SafeScript is a clinical tool for helping monitor the use of prescription medicines which cause the greatest harm to the Victorian community. The digital program enables health professionals to access an individual’s prescription history so they can make better clinical decisions and keep people safe from harm.

The program captures information already provided by doctors and recorded by pharmacists when a prescription is written and dispensed.

Only doctors and pharmacists directly involved in a patient’s care will be allowed under law to view information in SafeScript.

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Last modified: 26 February, 2020

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  • 131 Myers Street, Geelong VIC 3220