Webinar – PrEP and HIV Essentials for Primary Care – 28 November


  • PrEP and HIV Essentials for Primary Care

The session aims to improve the confidence of GPs to effectively identify populations suitable for the use of PrEP an to confidently prescribe as a strategy for the prevention of HIV transmission.

Facilitator: Dr Claire Pickett

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe HIV epidemiology in VIC and Australia including at risk populations
  • Describe HIV prevention strategies including PrEP and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
  • Describe indications of PrEP and PEP use, drugs used & local options for access
  • Identify appropriate patients to routinely test for HIV and perform HIV diagnostic testing

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For more information please contact VHHITAL@nwmphn.org.au or call 03 9347 1188

Last modified: 8 November, 2019