The Indigenous Health Incentive Practice Incentive Payment  (IHIPIP) came into effect on the 1 May 2010. The IHIPIP has three key components:

  1. A sign-on payment
  2. A payment linked to registration of each eligible patient
  3. An outcomes payment associated with the cycle of care provided to the patient by the practice

The IHIPIP acts as a 'gateway' through which patients can access other programs under the Commonwealth 'Closing the Gap' Indigenous health package.

Medicare has a short fact sheet for practices containing answers to frequently asked questions about the IHIPIP.

IHIPIP calculator

The IHIPIP Calculator is used to calcuate the amount practices will be reimbursed for IHIPIP item numbers.
NOTE: Practices must be signed up to be eligible for reimbursement.


Close the Gap Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Co-payment measure

The Close the Gap PBS Co-payment measure was introduced in 2010.

The Government will provide further assistance with the cost of PBS medicines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients living with, or at risk of, chronic disease. The assistance is in the form of lower co-payments, which are the amounts paid by patients for each PBS medicine.

The cost of medicines has been identified as a significant barrier for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Access to PBS medicines is an important aspect of preventing and treating illness. Despite two to three times higher levels of illness, PBS expenditure for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is about half of that of the non-Indigenous average.

Click here for the Medicare short fact sheet for practices.

Application and Patient Registration Forms

IHIPIP practice application; and practice register authority form
Patient information, registration and consent (individual patient), registration and consent (multiple patients) and withdrawal of consent
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander PIP registration template - BP
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander PIP registration template - MD

Indigenous Health Consultants 

Gail Harradine     Wimmera Grampians     Ph. 4310 5102
Belinda Payne  Great South Coast Ph. 5564 5825
Bonnie Chew  Ballarat Goldfields Ph. 5304 5619
Janice Lane until permanent appointment made Geelong Otway Ph. 5222 0800