My Health Record is an electronic summary of an individual’s health information that can be shared securely online between the individual and registered healthcare providers involved in their care to support improved decision making and continuity of care.

Information accessible through My Health Record:

  • Shared health summary: A summary, authored by the treating doctor, of an individual’s health status including adverse reactions, medicines, medical history and immunizations
  • Event summary: Captures key health information about a significant healthcare event that is relevant to the ongoing care of the patient.
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • Pathology and diagnostic imaging reports
  • Specialist letters
  • Prescriptions and dispense information
  • Patient-entered personal health summaries
  • Health notes entered by the patient
  • Advanced care planning documents.

Healthcare provider registration

Healthcare organisations need to register to participate in Australia’s My Health Record system. Once your organisation is registered, Individual healthcare providers can be authorised to access the My Health Record system on the organisation’s behalf through conformant software.

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Healthcare providers without conformant Software can access My Health Record via the Provider Portal.

Click here to read the Provider Portal Registration Process and Fact Sheet

How do I register my organisation to participate in the My Health Record system?

To ensure your Healthcare Organisation can view its patients’ digital health records, your organisation needs to register to participate in Australia’s My Health Record system.

Once your organisation is registered, Individual Healthcare Providers and other relevant employees can be authorised to access the My Health Record system on the organisation’s behalf.

Before you start the registration process, it is important that you understand the steps involved and the key concepts relevant to participating in the My Health Record system.

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Process Summary

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Training and resources

Training - Train IT Medical

Assisted Registration online demonstration

Assisted Registration Essential Information for patients flyer

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myHR poster (pdf)

Order myHR brochure by telephone 02 6269 1080

There is a range of training and resources available online to get you ready to use My Health Record:

Webinars: watch a series of webinars 1-5 for an overview of My Health Record.

Online training: work through a series of online modules.

On demand training: clinical software simulation.

There are also guides to using My Health Record with conformant software:


  • My Health Record website
  • System Operator: 1800 723 471
  • Health Identifier Service: 1300 361 457
  • eBusiness Service Centre: 1800 700 199
  • NEHTA: 1300 901 001

Contact the Western Victoria Primary Health Network My Health Recrod team by email or telephone 03 5222 0800.

My Health Record Help line: 1800 723 471

Help for healthcare providers including software vendor support.


My Health Record