Cat Plus provides support to health providers at the point of engagement, this tool extracts general practice data for analysis within practices, along with aggregating general practice data for service planning, reporting and population health needs.

Cat plus is a comprehensive tool containing three interfaces, the patient (Topbar), the practice (CAT4) and the population (Practice Aggregation Tool for Clinical Audit Tool-PAT CAT).

Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) has purchased licenses for Pen Computer systems (CS) for the full suite of CAT Plus tools for general practice and population health planning. To have access to the CAT Plus tool general practices are required to sign the Western Victoria PHN Data Extraction Tool Agreement, which has been put in place to protect general practices, Western Victoria PHN and PEN CS who provide the data collection tool (CAT).


Pen Clinical Audit Tool (CAT 4) is a user friendly software tool that interrogates the data contained within GP Clinical and Management Systems. The extracted data can then be filtered to select a specific target group and viewed through a range of clinically relevant, patient identified reports to support quality improvement in information management.

General practices will be able to use the data collected through the CAT Plus tool to assist them to undertake quality improvement activities in their general practices and will ultimately improve the care delivered to patients and patient health outcomes. More streamlined systems of care and enhanced access to audit tools to identify at risk patients and patients with the greatest health needs will improve the services general practices can provide for their patients and can often also improve practice income and viability.

The Pen tool also allows general practices to improve data quality for complete and accurate patient records through the identification of missing and incomplete data which can assist in the accreditation process.

The Pen tool can be used to assist general practices in the following areas; chronic disease management, cancer screening, immunisations, medication reviews, sexual health, ehealth and preventative health
Pen Cat is a powerful tool enabling GPs and practice staff to target patients with particular needs, or those with specific health risk profiles. It provides easy to access answers to questions, such as these examples listed below with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Which of my patients with diabetes are smokers?
  • Which of my COPD patients are missing smoking status recording?
  • How am I doing with recording allergies and smoking status for my regular patients?
  • Which of my patients with diabetes who have a high HbA1c are not on insulin?
  • Which of my IHD patients with high cholesterol are not on lipid modifying agents?
  • What is the disease prevalence profile in our practice population?
  • How are we doing with our cervical cancer screening program? Who are the patients that are overdue?
  • Who are the patients with diabetes that are overdue for foot and retinal examinations?
  • Which annual cycle of care items do I need to complete to claim a Diabetes Service Incentive Payment?

Practices using an integrated billing system (eg MD with Pracsoft and BP Clinical and Management) can also use CAT 4 to search by MBS item number. For example:

  • Search for patients with diabetes who have not had a cycle of care claimed in the last 12 months.
  • Search for patients with CHD who have had a care plan claimed, but have not had a review.
  • Search for mental health patients who have not had a Mental Health Care Plan over a specified period of time.

This information can assist practices to increase practice income, while improving health outcomes for patients.


Topbar can play a significant role in improving general practice data quality, chronic disease management and eHealth. Topbar has 5 applications. The MBS App which shows recommended actions and claim status relating to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This enables the clinician to quickly establish if the currently open patient is eligible for certain MBS items and what actions need to be taken to meet MBS guidelines for claims. The PHS (Patient Health Summary) App which will display information extracted from the GP application, in chronological order. The Waiting Room App which provides receptionists, practice managers, and clinicians with a quick view of patients who are currently in the waiting room and any of their missing demographic or clinical items. For all non-clinicians (e.g. receptionists) only demographic information is available. For clinicians both demographic and clinical information will be displayed. The Cleansing App provides the clinician with a quick view of the patients’ record for demographic, clinical and indicated chronic problems. From the app screen one click will open the relevant screen in the GP application and thus allows speedy cleansing of patient records.

Clinical systems compatible with CAT Plus

 Medical Director versions 2 and 3 Genie version 7.5.3 and later 
 Best Practice version and later  Zedmed version 11 and later
 Top Bar 
Clinical systems Billing systems
  • Best Practice
  • Best Practice Management
  • Medical Director
  • Pracsoft



PAT CAT is a web based solution that aggregates de-identified general practice data and displays the information through a comprehensive collection of graphs, charts and reports. PAT CAT has been designed to assist primary care and research organisations with population health, service planning and reporting.

PHNs across the nation have been commissioned to improve the delivery of primary care. To support and deliver on these priorities effectively in our region we need the relevant population health data to inform us and the service providers in our region.

The data sharing process allows for the compliant, safe and secure sharing of de-identified population health data to the PHN for the provision of improved primary care support. De-identified data will be used by the PHN to collate and analyse practice data to produce detailed population health profiles to assist in developing, monitoring, and evaluating initiatives designed to improve health outcomes and services in the region.

The provision of general practice and population health planning tools, will also allow general practices to interrogate their own patient data to identity data gaps and at risk patients, seeing general practices mitigate risk and increase patient health outcomes.

Western Victoria PHN will provide general practices with initial resources and training to create Benchmark Reports highlighting risk and quality improvement opportunities against accreditation indicators and evidence based clinical guidelines.

Support and training

Support desk

PEN CS had a support desk which is available Monday-Friday 8.30am-6.30pm AEST Freecall 1800 762 993 or you can email


Pen CS has free CAT Plus webinars available to end-users weekly. It is recommended that you log in early to avoid any disappointment as attendee numbers are limited.

CAT Plus recipes

CAT Plus Recipes are a great way to learn how to effectively use CAT Plus to benefit your health service. The step by step recipes showcase to users the clinical, business and operational functionality available to health services in just a few clicks of a button.

User Documentation Portal

The User Documentation portal enables users to understand how CAT Plus extracts the data and the reason the reports and graphs are showcased in the manner they are.

More information

Monica Murnane or call 5222 0872