Telehealth is the term used for a video consultation between a patient (who may be with their GP, or the GPs representative) and a specialist. Telehealth benefits rural and remote patients, patients who are not easily transported or those living in aged care faciltiies, who would otherwise need to travel long distances for specialist advice.  

Western Victoria PHN works with Barwon South West Telehealth to deliver Telehealth capability to local health services, private specialists, private allied health professionals and general practices in our region, using Healthdirect's Video Call.

To join our Telehealth program please complete the Referral for Healthdirect Video Call Telehealth Service online form.

Please note, if you are a specialist or allied health professional currently connected to the South West Alliance of Rural Health (SWARH) network, please contact BSW Telehealth direct.


List of Specialists who provide Telehealth services

GP Item Numbers

23 MBS items are available for services provided by general practice.  These enable GPs, other medical practitioners, participating nurse practitioners and midwives, Aboriginal health workers and practice nurses to provide clinical assistance to the patient during the specialist video consultation.

For a list of the Telehealth MBS Items, please visit the Medicare MBS website

Specialist Item Numbers

MBS items are available for video consultations provided by specialists, consultant physicians and psychiatrists.  These items link to a range of existing MBS attendance items that can be provided via video conferencing and add a derived fee to the base item fee.  This derived fee recognises the increased time and complexity of undertaking a consultation via video conferencing.  Specialists can consult direct to the patient (known as ‘unsupported’ Telehealth) or to a patient with at their general practice.

For a list of the Telehealth MBS Items, please visit the Medicare MBS website

Residential Aged Care Facilities

Patient-end practitioners who provide patient-end services to residents of a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) or to patients receiving treatment in an Aboriginal Medical Service should have a Medicare provider number linked to those locations and this will allow the practitioner to bill the appropriate MBS item.

For a list of the Telehealth MBS Items, please visit the Medicare MBS website

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