An increasing number of clinicians are adopting telehealth services as an effective alternative to face-to-face consultations, particularly if their patients are in distant or remote locations.

Telehealth services involve a video call between a patient and health practitioner, avoiding the need for the patient to travel long distances.

How to access a telehealth service

Healthcare providers can sign up for the healthdirect video call service. This service is available to patients and clinicians in all locations.

Contact Western Victoria PHN to get set up for telehealth.

Medicare funding

Depending on location, telehealth services can be funded under Medicare. Refer to the MBS Online website to identify eligible locations.

MBS item numbers are available for general practitioners, specialist practitioners and practitioners who provide patient services at residential aged care facilities and Aboriginal medical services. These are listed on the MBS Online site

Telehealth for psychological therapy services

Eligible patients with a mental health treatment plan in rural and remote areas may be able to access mental health support via video conference.

This is available through the Federal Government’s Better Access initiative

More information

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Last modified: 27 October, 2019