Western Victoria Primary Health Network produces numerous reports and newsletters to meet our contractual obligations and to ensure our stakeholders remain informed with the latest updates.


Western Victoria Private Health Network produces the following reports.

  • Annual Report summarises our key achievements, programs and financials for the year.

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Western Victoria Primary Health Network is always seeking ways to improve the health of our community.

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We have many health programs and partnerships that aim to improve physical and mental health, reduce the onset of disease and encourage early intervention when a health risk or disease is identified.

PDFPreventative Health for Western Victoria Primary Health Network

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In 2013 it was announced that a family and relationship counselling service in Winchelsea would cease operation on 30 June 2013. Several Winchelsea community members were concerned about the closure of the counselling service and identified the need for a more proactive approach to the identification of broader health and wellbeing service needs in the Winchelsea Township.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network sourced alternative funding to ensure the Winchelsea Counselling service continued and with the Surf Coast Shire led the establishment of a Health and Wellbeing Steering Group. This Group had representation from a range of community stakeholders including, Winchelsea Primary School, Hesse Rural Health, Winchelsea Police, Bendigo Bank and Winchelsea Neighbourhood House. Together this group identified the need to develop a comprehensive health and wellbeing profile to inform future health service and program development. Input and expertise was sought from other Winchelsea service organisations and these formed our Project Reference Group.

This project sought to understand and identify local community member’s perceptions of existing health services and service needs. A community survey was conducted, receiving 160 responses, which identified the major barriers to health services and equity. Results from this initial project will guide phase two, which will identify key strategies and partners to progress equitable access to health services in the future.

The Winchelsea Health and Wellbeing Project identified community perceptions of health services and service needs in the Winchelsea region. Phase two of this project will priortise issues and identify key strategies and partners to progress equitable access to health services in the future.

PDF Winchelsea Health and Wellbeing profile


A major focus for Western Victoria Primary Health Network is our annual Needs Assessment. Our Needs Assessment identifies the health needs of our community.

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Using the Needs Assessment, we work in partnership with other health providers to deliver local solutions. We identify health gaps and connect our local medical services to fill those gaps, including delivering our own frontline services.

Community Consultation Grants

To access broader community perceptions of existing health services and needs and inform our service planning, Western Victoria Primary Health Network developed a Community Consultation Grant process. The aim of our Community Consultation Grants was to ensure the perceptions of vulnerable community groups were included in our annual Comprehensive Needs Assessment. The successful applicants for our Community Consultation Grants included, MS Australia, Diversitat, Bellarine Community Health and Otway Health.

These organisations conducted focus groups and forums to collect community feedback on local health priorities and needs, including satisfaction and experiences with their local, primary healthcare system. Health literacy emerged as a major issue for vulnerable populations, as well as limited access to allied health professionals, especially in our rural areas.

The Community Consultation Grants process provided each of the organisations with the opportunity to engage with their community and to inform their own health planning and activities, as well as providing Western Victoria Primary Health Network with information needed to understand health issues experienced across the region by vulnerable populations.