Alcohol and Other Drugs

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) is taking a lead role in managing use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in communities throughout our region.

Our work links with local and state government health and wellbeing plans to increase general practitioners’ awareness and knowledge of primary care best practices for the management of AOD use.

Specifically, we support a harm minimisation approach while:

  • Increasing knowledge and skills for general practitioners and practice nurses in managing patients with issues with alcohol and other drugs through continuing professional development and education programs
  • Developing HealthPathways for treating and referring patients with alcohol and other drug issues
  • Promoting pharmacotherapy programs.

AOD services redesign

As part of WVPHN’s commitment to supporting the delivery of patient-focused health services across our region, we are currently undertaking a far-reaching process to redesign services we commission including alcohol and other drug support services. We are working with our communities to develop new and innovative ideas to target health services to the people who most need them.

Be involved

During July and August 2021, health providers and other interested members of the community have opportunity to contribute to the redesign of the alcohol and other drugs support programs commissioned by WVPHN.

To find out more on how to become involved, go to our Meeting Place consultation website

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Last modified: 5 July, 2021