SafeScript Real-time Prescription Monitoring

The SafeScript program is now in use across Victoria following a successful trial in the Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) region. The program provides doctors and pharmacists with real-time prescription monitoring.

Please note: Registration with the SafeScript program will be mandatory for all GPs and pharmacists in Victoria from 1 April 2020.

SafeScript Prescription Monitoring

Why SafeScript prescription monitoring is important

The number of deaths caused by prescription medicines in Victoria each year outstrips the State’s road toll.

A SafeScript prescription monitoring trial commenced in the WVPHN region in October 2018 to help reduce misuse and growing harms from high-risk prescription medicines. These medicines include opioids; quetiapine; benzodiazepines; codeine containing analgesics; and zopiclone and zolpidem. The program was extended across Victoria in April 2019.

SafeScript allows doctors and pharmacists involved in a patient’s care to view complete and up-to-date information about high-risk medicines supplied to the patient at the point of consultation.

Doctors and pharmacists still make clinical decisions with consideration to each patient’s overall safety and wellbeing. SafeScript provides the necessary information to make safer decisions.

To accompany the introduction of SafeScript, patients and health professionals have had access to:

  • A public awareness campaign to inform the general public of SafeScript and to improve the understanding of the risks associated with some prescription medicines
  • Training for prescribers and pharmacists on how to more safely prescribe and dispense high risk medications and respond to the needs of patients.

SafeScript resources

A dedicated SafeScript Training Hub  is available with updates on training, general information and other references and resources.

SafeScript GP Clinical Advisors provide peer to peer mentoring to GPs to discuss clinical issues relating to high–risk prescription medications identified through SafeScript.

For a referral to your local SafeScript GP Clinical Advisor, phone the Victorian Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory service Tel: 1800 812 804.  A clinical advisor will be in contact within two business days to arrange a time for mentoring.

Other resources

SafeScript technical support

Last modified: 5 February, 2020