Chronic Conditions Model of Care

Chronic conditions model of care (CCMC) programs offer a coordinated approach to primary care support and services for people living with chronic and complex conditions. They are based on a patient-centred approach that brings together a patient’s various health care providers to improve the quality of care and empower patients to manage their health care.

Western Victoria PHN (WPVHN) is currently overseeing an extensive redesign process for CCMC programs in western Victoria in collaboration with health providers, people with chronic conditions and their carers.

Chronic conditions model of care redesign

The process for redesigning chronic conditions model of care program in our region is part of WVPHN’s commitment to support the delivery of patient-focused health services to communities with greatest need.

To ensure the existing annual budget of $5.4 million is equitably distributed throughout western Victoria, we are engaging with local communities and providers through a series of workshops and other consultation initiatives to gain a better understanding of community need.

The feedback from the community will be used to design new and innovative service models that will then be released for tender later in 2021. It is expected the updated services will start operating from July 2022.

Be involved

Between March and August 2021, health providers and other interested members of the community have opportunity to contribute to the redesign of the chronic conditions support programs commissioned by WVPHN.

To find out more on how to become involved, go to our Meeting Place consultation website

Current chronic conditions model of care programs in western Victoria

The current chronic conditions model of care programs are delivered by the following 12 rural health services:

  • Moyne Health Services
  • South West Healthcare
  • West Wimmera Health Service
  • Edenhope Memorial Hospital
  • Beaufort and Skipton Health Service
  • Maryborough District Health Service
  • Rural Northwest Health
  • Ballan District Health and Care
  • Springs Medical
  • Great Ocean Road Health
  • Heywood Rural Health
  • East Grampians Health Service.

The current programs are contracted until 30 June 2022.

More information

Contact WVPHN Program Development Consultant Alice Grinter

  • Email:
  • Tel: 03 5222 0823
Last modified: 19 April, 2021