Electronic Pathology Requests

Electronic Pathology Requests – also known as e-Requests – are an efficient and easy-to-use option available to primary health care providers in western Victoria. Many pathology labs in Victoria now have the necessary digital technology to enable clinicians to directly request tests online to improve the speed and accuracy of transcriptions.

How electronic requesting works

Pathology labs offering e-Requesting have special medical software that allows a GP or other clinician to submit an electronic request for any pathology test. The system then automatically generates and sends a request to the nominated pathology lab. A paper request is also printed for the patient if they wish to use a different lab.

If the patient does use the lab identified in the e-request, the results of the test can be automatically uploaded to the patient’s My Health Record.

Note: Practices need to ensure their clinical software is able to connect to electronic requesting. Check with your preferred pathology provider about whether the software can use e-requests.

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Last modified: 20 April, 2021