GoShare is an online tool enabling health practitioners to further support their patients by directly sharing health and wellbeing information via email or SMS.

Western Victoria PHN has partnered with Healthily to provide access to the GoShare platform to practitioners across our region.

Why use GoShare

The platform offers evidence-based information and resources designed to complement face-to-face discussions with patients. The information and resources aim to build patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence particularly in relation to self-managing chronic conditions.

By using this digital tool, you can access educational content such as videos and animations, fact sheets from peak bodies and various apps including:

  • More than 800 patient and carer experiences across a range of chronic illness and wellbeing topics
  • Evidence-based patient storytelling videos for building patient engagement, understanding and confidence.

For more details, view the introductory video

How to access GoShare

Licences are available to general practitioners, primary health care nurses and health and allied health practitioners within general practice.

To find out more about accessing a licence, contact your local Practice Facilitator  or email digitalhealth@westvicphn.com.au


Boot Camp instructional video for branch administrators

Boot Camp instructional videos for health practitioners


Additional resources

Last modified: 31 October, 2019