Security of patient data is a high priority. Practitioners are encouraged to use secure messaging services when sharing confidential patient data with other health practitioners.

Why use secure messaging

Secure messaging is a better alternative to mail, emails or faxes for the exchange of a patient’s clinical information. This information may include referrals, reports, pathology and radiology requests, results and discharge summaries.

There are many benefits from using secure electronic messaging services including:

  • Reduced risk of interference with information through the use of encryption
  • Direct integration with clinical software systems
  • Real-time delivery of priority clinical information
  • Availability of send or receive audit trails
  • Reduced administration costs.

Eliminating the exchange of paper-based messaging in the health sector is also a priority of the National Digital Health Strategy.

For more information, refer to the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Secure Messaging Program

Connecting to secure messaging

The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed standards for improving the secure exchange of healthcare information. It has partnered with 42 software organisations to implement the new standards for 56 software products.

View a list of those organisations and products

Last modified: 31 October, 2019