Western Victoria Primary Health Network’s (WVPHN) immunisation program is a core part of our preventative health strategy. We work with immunisers across our region to provide information and resources for delivering quality and safe vaccination services for protecting individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Childhood immunisation

Western Victoria has some of the highest childhood immunisation rates in Australia. 97.23% of our kids are fully immunised at 5 years-old A significant part of our role is to increase childhood vaccination rates for children up to 5-years-old.

For more information, see our Childhood Immunisation page.

Other support

WVPHN assists immunisers by:

  • offering training across aspects of the National Immunisation Program, Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and handling of vaccines, such as cold chain audits
  • coordinating regular forums featuring presentations and updates from respected experts in the field
  • using peer networks to provide presentations from local immunisers and shared learnings
  • training practices to use existing data extraction tools, such as PenCat, to identify patients for specific vaccinations, such as annual flu clinics
  • providing the latest immunisation updates via the news feed in HealthPathways
  • disseminating other relevant information via our newsletter and practice facilitators

Immunisation resources

For clinical advice, contact the Victorian Immunisation Program

Last modified: 25 October, 2021