Time to…get your COVID-19 Booster

All Victorian Primary Health Networks (PHN) have jointly developed a COVID-19 vaccination campaign aimed at older persons, 65 years and over, encouraging them to get their COVID-19 booster. Each PHN is scheduling the campaign in their own region with most commencing this month (June 2024).  Older people are encouraged to speak to their GP or pharmacist about a booster or go to healthdirect.gov.au to find their nearest vaccination provider.

WVPHN has a number of resources that can be downloaded and printed by practices and put up in the practice or shared with patients.  Please note that printed copies of these materials can be requested from your dedicated Practice Facilitator.

Family of five greeting in each other at the front door of a house.

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-A4POSTER-Adventure-PRINT (PDF 2MB)

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-A4POSTER-Celebrate-PRINT (PDF 3MB)

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-A4POSTER-Family-PRINT (PDF 3MB)

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-A4POSTER-Recipe-PRINT (PDF 2MB)

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-A4POSTER-SettleScore-PRINT (3 MB)

Download our postcards.

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-POSTCARD-Celebrate-PRINT (PDF 2MB)

PHN-WesternVic-Covid19Booster-POSTCARD-SettleScore-PRINT (PDF 2MB)


Two people sitting in armchairs playing cards and looking happy.

COVID-19 vaccination statistics across all aged groups have severely fallen over the last year.  However, we are particularly urging those who are 65 plus to get vaccinated. In our region in the last six months only 40.1 percent of people 65 plus have been vaccinated, whilst 12 months ago the figure was 60.7 percent. As we are all aware, older people, especially those with pre-existing health conditions are especially vulnerable to severe illness with a COVID -19infection.

This COVID-19 campaign will be promoted on social media.  General practices are urged to help spread the message to older patients.

Watch our series of short vaccination videos that can be shared on social media.


Last modified: 3 July, 2024