Adult Mental Health Centre Corio

Western Victoria PHN (WVPHN) is working with the Geelong community and local health service providers to develop an Adult Mental Health Centre (AMHC) in Corio, to be opened in late 2021.

The AMHC will be one of eight in Australia and is being funded by the Commonwealth Government. The model for the adult mental health centres was developed by a national expert advisory group and WVPHN is working with the local community to refine this design to meet our specific needs.

The centre aims to be a welcoming, environment for people who may be experiencing distress or crisis and is intended to complement not replace or duplicate existing mental health services.

Purpose of the centre

The AMHC in Corio is intended to trial approaches to offering immediate-, short- and medium-term episodes of care and support service navigation to connect people to the right level of care. They will assist adults seeking help in times of crisis, or as needs emerge, to have access to on-the-spot care, advice and support provided by a variety of health professionals.

Prior appointments will not be required at the centre.

The centre will offer a  ‘no wrong door’ entry point for adults and their families allowing individuals to access information and services designed to empower, support, and improve their psychological, physical , social and emotional health and wellbeing.

The Centre will also be central point to connect and refer people to other services in the region if that is the best way to support the individual, their carers or family.

Project details

WVPHN is currently designing an operating model for the Adult Mental Health Centre and has actively engaged with people with lived experience, carers, community and service providers to understand the mental health needs of people in the region. The project is being developed in three phases.

Phase 1 – Sharing experiences

WVPHN has consulted with community members and health service providers to identify important considerations for the development of the Adult Mental Health Centre.

Information from these consultations will build on the knowledge already collected via the Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan and the Geelong Suicide Prevention Initiative providing a better picture of what currently works and what needs improving.

Phase 2 – Development and design

During Phase 2, WVPHN will continue working with the community to co-design and shape the new Adult Mental Health Centre, within a service model framework. There will be opportunity to provide feedback on proposed recommendations for how the services will be designed and delivered.

Phase 3 – Appoint a service provider

A tender process will be used to identify and contract an appropriate service provider for the Adult Mental Health Centre.

Project timeline

  • November 2020 – Mid February 2021: Co-design completion
  • March 2021 – April 2021: Procurement Process begins to determine appropriate service provider
  • May 2021 – November 2021: Service establishment. This will include supplier-led ‘establishment project’ with requirement for input from lived experience and First Nations people

More information

For information on the Corio Adult Mental Health Centre, please visit the WVPHN Meeting Place website.

Last modified: 16 March, 2021