Psychosocial support is about breaking down barriers for people with a severe mental illness to help them take part in their community; manage daily tasks; secure stable employment and housing; and connect with family and friends.

Both the Commonwealth and State Governments fund programs to provide mental health support services for people with a psychosocial disability or condition.

What is psychosocial support?

Psychosocial support may include:

  • developing social skills and friendships
  • building relationships with family
  • managing money
  • finding and looking after a home
  • building skills and qualifications
  • developing work goals
  • staying physically well, including exercise
  • support with drug, alcohol and smoking issues
  • building life skills, including confidence and resilience
  • exploring access to the NDIS.

Psychosocial supports are specific to the person and the times they need them. They may include one-to-one or group support.

Cultural safety is always respected to ensure an environment which is safe for people to be who they are and express what they need is created.

Accessing psychosocial support services

NDIS-funded services

Support services may be funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme for eligible people.

To find out more including information for GPs on how to provide evidence of psychosocial disability, refer to the Psychosocial Support Through the NDIS page.

National Psychosocial Support Measure

If someone is ineligible for NDIS-funded services, they may be able to access psychosocial support through other Commonwealth Government programs.

For more details, refer to the National Psychosocial Support Measure page.

State Government funded services

The Victorian Government – through the Department of Health and Human Services – also offers psychosocial support through the Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR).
These services are available to people who are not eligible for NDIS-funded services and provide short to medium term specialist support. A referral from a local health service is required.

In western Victoria, EIPSR services can be accessed through:

More information

Contact WVPHN Mental Health Team:

Last modified: 23 June, 2020