The Western Victoria Primary Health Network Immunisation program aims to educate, support and assist immunisation providers on all aspects of immunisation to enhance local immunisation rates and provide quality immunisation services.

The Immunisation program activities include:

  • Professional development for immunisation program staff
  • Education and support with vaccine storage and cold chain management 
  • Education and support with ACIR registration, reporting processes and data transfer
  • Assistance with recall/reminder systems
  • Immunisation information via newsletters
  • Telephone support

Updates regarding immunisation information are available from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance resources

Sharing Knowledge about Immunisation (SKAI) resources 

SKAI resources are designed to help health professionals answer parents’ questions about immunisation. The resources currently include information sheets on the following topics: “How are vaccines shown to be safe?” “What is in vaccines?” “Why is the schedule the way it is?” “How do vaccines affect immunity?” and “What about autism?”

The resources have been developed by a national team of researchers and experts in immunisation called the SARAH collaboration. The collaboration has been led by Associate Professor Julie Leask, in conjunction with NCIRS, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, and the Telethon Kids Institute, and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. They are available on the Immunise Australia Website.

A new fact sheet on vaccination during pregnancy, focussing on pertussis and influenza. This fact sheet has been developed with the aim of assisting immunisation providers discuss the benefits and risks of receiving these vaccines during pregnancy, with parents. 

More general information on the pertussis and influenza vaccinations is also available.

Vaccine history tables have also been recently updated.

Program Officer

Alison Elliott
Ph: 5564 5888